Meet the staff



Miss Anthia Lafeuillee.


Miss Candella Justin- Office Assistant




Mrs. Micheline Charles – Grade K

Mrs. Marva Jonas – Grade One

Miss Nailah Polius –  Grade Two


Mrs. Sheran Pierre- Grade Three

Mrs. Lisa Charlemagne – Grade Four

Miss Cyria Lafeuillee– Grade Five

Miss Theresa Joseph– Grade Six

Specialist Teachers

Miss Melanie Mathurin – French and Theater Arts


Mrs. Eliana Biscette– Special Education Needs



Miss Janice Chitolie Athill– Physical Education

Miss Gail Charles – Information Communication Technology and Music


Miss Genneivie Augustin– ICT Assistant


Ancillary Staff

Miss Fleur Hippolyte- Cook


Miss Magdalen Lafeuillee- Janitor


Miss Rosemary Charles- Janitor


Mr. Albert Obeius- Caretaker